HK China Dragon Boat Association

About Us

The Hong Kong China Dragon Boat Association (the "Association") has long been playing a vital role to drive, develop, promote, manage and organize competitive and social dragon boating activities in Hong Kong since its inception in Year 1991. The Association is not only an affiliate member of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, but also a founding member of three dragon boat organizations, the International Dragon Boat Federation, Asian Dragon Boat Federation and Hong Kong Water Sports Council.

Being one of the key organizing bodies of dragon boat racing worldwide, the Association strives to preserve the traditional Chinese culture and religious ceremonies on dragon boating while actively promoting competitions locally and overseas, identifying and cultivating potential athletes, offering international standard trainings to race officials and coaches as well as supporting and motivating local teams to participate actively in overseas competitions.
  1. Promote dragon boating as an unique culture sport for competitions worldwide.
  2. Strive for dragon boat racing excellence by continuous improvement in training, race regulations and standard. 
  3. Strengthen the sport of dragon boating so as to raise the awareness of personal health fitness as well as community cohesion and harmony.. 
  4. Provide support to the community through organizing dragon boat activities. 
  5. Expedite dragon boating as one of the elite sports in Hong Kong. 
  6. To promote dragon boat as one of the elite sports in Hong Kong.


To be one of the most distinguishing dragon boating organizations in the World.


Sincerity, Cohesiveness, Professionalism, Equality, Precision and Care.